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This is our ethos

1. Source responsibly

Let’s go beyond that ambiguous word natural. What we really want to do is make soap and skincare products using natural ingredients that are sourced sustainably, farmed without the use of herbicides and GM ingredients and in ways which protect wildlife and biodiversity be it fields, prairie or rainforest.

We want to know these ingredients are processed and handled with low impact methods, and arrive to us packaged minimally with maximum recyclable content.

The clearest guarantee that our ingredients meet these high standards is certification through the Soil Association. One of the great advantages of being certified by the Soil Association is that we only source ingredients from other certified suppliers, processors and growers.

Can you see the chain emerge? It's fully traceable.

The beauty is that everybody in the chain has to meet the same strict environmental standards. From the growers at the very beginning of the chain to us, the makers, at the end of the chain, we are all in agreement about how we run our businesses sustainably. Together, we are stronger.

Being certified by the Soil Association is the gold standard for our environmental practises. All our aspect of our business are independently audited to make sure we are practising what we preach. No greenwashing here!

2. Make carefully

We start by looking at the actual products we intend to make. Are they necessary and can we justifiy the resources and energy it takes to make and transport them? How can we make them as useful as possible to you for longer?

In terms of making, we look at all the possible ways we can reduce our energy and water. From the big steps like choosing the cold process soapmaking technique to the little steps like turning off lights if we don't need them.

We work hard to avoid wasted product. Small batch production is a lean and efficient way to work and minimises the amount of product that will go out of date. 

We repurpose as much as possible. Soap scraps are turned into samples. Old containers become mixing bowls.

According to researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, bar soap requires one-fifth of the energy to produce compared to liquid soap

3. Package well

Packaging helps prolong the life of our products and tells you important information about its contents. We design our packaging to ensure we meet the COSMOS packaging standards, which means minimising the amount of material used, maximising the amount of material that can be reused or recycled, and using materials with recycled content where possible.

FSC certified paper wraps are the right choice for our cold process soaps. Compared to a plastic wrap, they allow the soaps to breathe, which helps to extend their shelf life and avoid waste. 

Talk about repurposing! Our soap wraps have been turned into gift tags, christmas decorations, bunting and children's toys. How will you reuse yours?

4. What happens at the end?

Here's a little bit of good news. Our natural organic products are biodegredable. The lather that slips down the drain and out to sea does so with minimal impact on our water and aquatic life. That tiny slither of soap too small to use can be put on the compost heap or in the food scraps collection. Our packaging choice means that you will be able to recycle your wraps. 

By choosing a certified organic product you have helped to strengthen a movement.

But it doesn't stop there. We're really worried about climate change and the shape of the planet we are leaving to our children.

That's why we don't really think there is an end. 

All we can do is ask ask ourselves is next time, how do we do it better?