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by Fiona McBryde February 12, 2020

Working towards a zero waste workshop

We’ve been looking at ways to cut down on waste in all areas of the workshop. We’ve made all kind of swaps, from using plastic free tea bags in the kitchen to sourcing biodegradable bubble wrap. As makers though, we naturally produce more waste than office based businesses. We do put lots of effort into thinking about how we can do things better. 

Starting with soap wastage.

Not all of the soaps we make are perfect. This can happen for any reason, but probably the best explanation is that our soaps are made by hand, not machine. We hand make, cut and stamp each of our soaps. Each soap is unique, and that is the beauty of the process. It's also means that some soaps will simply be the wrong shape or size.

Imperfections are often cosmetic. A dent, a crack, a ripple. None of these stop the soap from doing its job, but there is a grey area where one person’s “Character” is another person’s “Not Good Enough”. Somewhere we draw the line. If we think you might actually be a bit disappointed when you unwrap your lovely bar of soap, we move the soap into our offcuts box..

The rogues gallery - some common reasons our soaps don't made the grade


Very useful offcuts

Offcuts are mightily useful. We can turn them into samples for our online customers, as travel soaps for our travel soap gift set and now very simply bagged up in our unashamedly imperfect “All Kinds” Soap Selection.

The real work though is perhaps to challenge opinion on what is perfect. Rating a bar of soap as “Second best” based on looks rather than on its lovely scent, or creamy lather is exactly what leads to unnecessary wastage,  If you happen to unwrap a bar of handmade soap, and spot a blotch or ripple, then you’ll know that it was made by a real person probably with a huge amount of passion and care. That’s something to celebrate!

Fiona McBryde
Fiona McBryde

Founder. Soap maker. Never finishes a cup of tea.

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