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Mini Ceramic Soap Dish


Prettly little ceramic soap dishes which compliment our individual travel soaps and small kinds, available in duck egg blue and tin white glaze

Handmade for Soap Folk by Sophie of Starling Pots, each dish is individually hand shaped from staffordshire stoneware clay. 

Measuring 8cm diameter, these small dishes fit are ideal for guest bathrooms or ensuites.

Such useful little dishes, they also make lovely trinket dishes for the bedside table.

Soap dishes made by hand in the Stroud Valleys

They might be small, but to make these dishes involves many steps. Sophie starts by preparing the clay to make sure it's pliable, then hand forms each dish, crimping the edge to create a rim. After a first bisque fire, Sophie carefully applies the glaze before finally a second fire. Each dish is truly individual, which makes them all the more special.