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by Fiona McBryde September 03, 2020 2 min read

Yay! It’s Organic September - the Soil Association annual celebration of all things organic.


As certified organic soapmakers, it's a lovely opportunity for us to shout about the good work of the organic movement and of course the Soil Association, who bring it all together.


A simple swap to a bar of organic soap this September will bring a host of feel good factors for both you and our planet. Go on, give it a try!


#1. Encourages wildlife to thrive

From the nourishing olive oil to the aromatic essential oils, every plant based ingredient in our soaps has been grown sustainably on an organic farm. This type of nature friendly farming, which doesn’t rely on pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, has huge benefits for wildlife by allowing bees, pollinators, birds and beetles to thrive. In fact, 50% more wildlife can be found on organic farms - isn't that amazing!

#2. Helps save our soil (and combat climate change)

Looking after our soil is crucial to slowing down climate change. After oceans, soil is the second largest natural carbon sink, drawing carbon dioxide from the air and storing it as soil organic carbon.  Organically farmed soils can store up to 44% more carbon than conventional farms. So, that humble organic bar of soap, that started life as a seed on an organic farm, contributes positively (to the environment), in more ways than you might think!

#3. Better for your skin

If you are looking to reduce the number of chemicals your skin is exposed to, then organic soap is a good place to start.  It won’t contain any nasty surprises, no parabens,  controversial chemicals, parabens and phthalates, synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances or nanoparticles. Now that really is clean beauty.

#4. Cuts down on Single-Use Plastic

All organic businesses are tasked by the Soil Association to minimise their packaging footprint. It’s not simply about considering the final layer of packaging that you as a consumer are left with, but behind the scenes of our business too. From the materials we use to send out our soaps to the brand of cleaning products we use in the workshop, it has all been thought out to minimise the amount of packaging used and maximise the amount of packaging that can be reused or recycled.

#5. Trust what you are buying

It’s so easy to make “natural” and “green” claims, especially in the beauty industry which means sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust. The Soil Association does that work for you, by inspecting our workshops, looking through our ingredients and reviewing our processes. 

Look for the logo - that’s the stamp of approval from The Soil Association and should give you the confidence to know you are supporting a brand, or a producer who really want to do better.

Fiona McBryde
Fiona McBryde

Founder. Soap maker. Never finishes a cup of tea.

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