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by Fiona McBryde November 12, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

The lessons of COP-26 are still ringing in our ears - we must act now to protect the planet. But how do we do that when we are about to hit one of the most wasteful times of year?

Having a Greener Christmas this year can still be a time of fun and indulgence. It’s just about being a little more thoughtful.

Did you know the UK gets through 227,000 miles of wrapping paper every year (much of it unrecyclable) and only 33% of the Christmas cards bought in the UK are recycled *

At Soap Folk, we are committed to making lovely things that don’t cost the planet. Here are a few things that we’ll be doing:

  • Offering a great selection of beautiful, useful and sustainable products
    • Sending out all our orders using recyclable packaging that doesn't necessarily need wrapping.

    • Taking part in Green Friday (more on this to follow) and definitely not taking part in Black Friday!

    • Offering local delivery (GL5 postcodes) via the Bike Drop 

    More ideas from the team

    Danny - "My daughter and I will be making our Christmas wrapping paper. In the past we've never made quite enough for all the presents though, so we have used a combination of homemade, preloved from the year before and new. This year we're making it all ourselves.  We need to get cracking!"

    Fiona - "Like many people, I tend to overbuy food and drink at Christmas, as I want to make sure there is enough for all the family and any unexpected guests. This means there’s often something at the back of the fridge that we didn’t get to use in time. I am going to do more meal planning this year, and make better use of the freezer. There are lots more tips (and recipes for leftovers) from lovefoodhatewaste"

    Delicious veg bought locally from Stroud Farmer's Market (and no packaging needed)

    Becky - "We have been using fabric advent calender since the children were small. I pop in good quality chocolates, and for the older children (and adults) a couple of minatures as the big day draws near. The children take it in turn to distribute the chocolates after dinner; it's a family tradition they really enjoy."

    Becky's advent calendar getting ready for Christmas

    Anthea - "We have made reusable fabric crackers, these are great because we can choose our own plastic-free fillers. Last year, the children even made their own crowns to put inside as a fun craft activity - and it meant the hats actually fit!"

    Katy - We are going to rent a living Christmas tree with roots this year, from https://www.rentalchristmastree.com at Winstones icecream, just around the corner from us. You are able to put your name to the tree and they replant it ready for next year, if it still fits in your house!

    *Facts are taken from 'Is it really green?' Georgia Wilson Powell 2021

    Fiona McBryde
    Fiona McBryde

    Founder. Soap maker. Never finishes a cup of tea.

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    Jenny McBryde
    Jenny McBryde

    November 12, 2021

    If fit enough try walking to shops instead of driving. Grow vegetables in small pots and containers if you do not have an allotment or large garden. Make a shopping list so you do not buy more than you need. Older generation know this; clothes last a long time so don’t keep buying, just wear and wear.

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