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July 11, 2019

Earlier this year, we entered our Milk & Honey soap into the Natural Beauty Awards of the Green Parent Magazine. Putting something you love out there to be judged is a little, well, scary. Good job then that one of our mottos is, “Do something everyday that scares you.”*

We have a particular soft spot for our Milk & Honey bar. It was the soap I made for my children when they were very young. The coconut milk and honey work together to make a particularly gentle and creamy lather. We tend to describe it an unscented soap, which is not strictly true, as you can detect the earthiness of shea butter, the chocolatey cocoa butter and the caramelised sugars of honey. Mmm, for an unscented soap it sounds rather nice doesn’t it?

So here's the news.  We're Best Buy winners!....    Whoop Whoop! ........thanks to Green Parent Magazine for giving us the nod. It is so fantastic for a young company, to be recognised in such a strong field.

* Thanks Eleanor Roosevelt for the guiding inspiration :)


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